Doors Line

The wide range of door elements Door Shape by Tucci Wood Essence is the result of the continuous and scrupulous search for the highest quality materials and the best interior design choices, to offer the customer a solution that is as malleable as possible to any furnishing need.

A research born from the awareness that the door is not just a practical piece of furniture, useful for dividing two rooms between them, but it is a real distinctive and characterizing element of the context in which it is placed.



Simple and elegant, the "PURA" line of doors, proposes naturality in terms of shape, color and material, without the additions of extra decorative elements. The purity of a product that blends, contrasts or highlights the surrounding environment.




Elegance, simplicity, purity. This line takes its name from the large windows inserted in the structure of the doors which let the light to pass bright and clear. An almost imaginary divider that divides rooms without visually closing the space.



DUCALE is timeless charm, a colonial style perfect for people who love the elegance of wood. Detail of panels carved in precious white lacquered wood, an impeccable classic harmony in any environment.



Lines, thicknesses and games of geometries.
All this is TRATTEGGI, a collection with a contemporary and innovative design that revolutionizes the common, classic and static idea of door. The delicate color of the wood highlights the decisive pantographs - oblique, vertical or horizontal incisions - that define the style of the door.



CHARME is the door with a classic style revisited in a modern key, with a smaller depth and a more modern and squared line.
Charme has an ideal style for modern environments and is able to combine the charm of classicism with the needs of practicality that modernity imposes.