FSC Certification

What is the FSC and why is it important in the wood industry?

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible forest management globally. Founded to ensure that wood comes from sustainably managed forests, the FSC is committed to preserving biodiversity, respecting workers’ rights, and protecting natural habitats. In the wood industry, the FSC plays a key role in ensuring that wooden products adhere to the highest environmental and social standards. Purchasing FSC-certified products actively contributes to the conservation of forest resources and supports ethical practices.

TWE Environmental Commitment and FSC Certification

TWE – Tucci Wood Essence has embraced a commitment to the environment since its foundation in the 1960s. We strive to transform wood responsibly, balancing craftsmanship with the use of modern technologies to ensure high quality standards and durability over time. The FSC certification is a cornerstone of our company philosophy. TWE is proud to hold the numbered FSC – Chain of Custody certification, attesting to our commitment to providing wood products from sustainable sources.

Why Choose FSC-Certified TWE

TWE is committed to promoting sustainable development. Our low-impact environmental production processes and preferential use of natural materials reflect our respect for the ecosystem. When you purchase from TWE, you are guaranteed to receive certified and traceable wood products. TWE can produce any product upon request with FSC certification. We are here to meet your specific needs while maintaining FSC standards that enhance our environmental commitment.

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Choose Responsible Wood with FSC Certified TWE

By including FSC certified TWE products in your choice of furniture, you actively contribute to the preservation of forests and the adoption of responsible production practices.

Choose responsible wood. Choose TWE.