The passion for wood, the knowledge of the craftsmen, the precision of mechanization and the continuous search for new materials and products are the basis of the development of Tucci which, with the transition to the industrial dimension, has been able to maintain over time extremely high quality standards that only the experience and manual skills of artisanal vocation are able to offer.


TWE - Tucci Wood Essence - promotes the sustainable development of its activities, pursuing an environmental policy through reliable production processes with low environmental impact and preference for natural materials and for paints with water-based products. Our boiseries are in fact made of Real Wood and FSC certified wood.

A game of
symmetries and parallelisms

Tucci Wood Essence has its roots in Puglia in the late 1960s thanks to the intuition of its founder, who transformed the artisan dimension of furnishing accessories and door components in an industrial key founding F.lli Tucci Srl.
The company presents a wide variety of high quality wooden profiles for doors, windows and boiserie.

Elegance, mastery
and craftsmanship

The Boiserie today represent decorative elements capable of modifying the look of any environment making it modern and sophisticated. TWE, thanks to the continuous pursuit of excellence in quality according to artisanal processes that emphasize the attention to finishes and details of its products, works by exploiting the opportunities offered by the industry to achieve high qualification standards with a product designed to last over time.

Wall compositions


Elegant interiors with a unique style.
The decorative technique of Boiserie with wall compositions is the design solution suitable for every furnishing need.

Compositions with panel


The decorative wall paneling technique with smooth panel composition gives a unique and personal touch to the home.

Et voilà compositions


With the compositions et voilà the interiors of the house come to life.
The special and precious composition et voilà gives three-dimensionality to the walls.

Compositions with slats


The slatted composition is ideal for obtaining an elegant and refined design that never goes out of fashion.

Designo compositions


Geometric shapes, fluid designs and extreme three-dimensionality are the peculiarities that characterize the Designo compositions.
Through the use of fine wood, you will get unique designs for your walls.

Carabò compositions


The intertwining and repetitions are the main characters of these wooden compositions named "Carabò".

Wall coverings


Colors, shapes, designs, geometries: everything is designed to make every space unique and original.
Tucci Wood Essence wall coverings are made with top quality materials to ensure efficiency and good performance over time.