TWE — Tucci Wood Essence — is rooted in the late sixties by an intuition of Domenico Tucci, who has transformed the artisan dimension of furnishing accessories and door components into an industrial key, founding F.lli Tucci Srl. The passion for wood, the knowledge of the artisans, the precision of mechanization and the continuous research of new materials and products are the basis of the development of Tucci, which, with the transition to the industrial dimension, has been able to preserve over time high quality standards that only the experience and the handicraft vocation skills are able to offer.

Tucci products are finished by hand using the opportunities offered by the industry, with the aim of achieving high quality standards with a product that will last over time.
È a goal that is achieved thanks to the long-crafted history of the company and the consolidated skills and experience of highly professional operators assisted by the modern technology of woodworking machinery, which guarantee high precision. Experience and traditional values ​​that are expressed in the perceived high quality craftsmanship, in the processing of solid wood and veneers. TWE promotes the sustainable development of its activities, pursuing an environmental policy through reliable production processes with low environmental impact and preference for natural materials and for painting with water based products.

Marchio Vero Legno decorativo personalizzato.

Quality Made in Italy

The affirmation of the Tucci brand is due to the continuous pursuit of excellence in quality according to artisan processes that emphasize the care of the finishes and details of a product strictly Made in Italy and certified by Vero Legno.


The TWE is every day more and more committed to meeting the needs of customers and customers. Our mission is defined by the following objectives:

1. provide high quality products that meet all customer expectations in terms of performance, quality and effectiveness;

2. provide products that continuously improve the image of TWE in the national market;

3. provide products that meet regulatory requirements.

In achieving these objectives, TWE has obtained the following certifications:

Logo Vero Legno

Vero Legno

Founded in 1996, the Vero Legno Consortium aims to guarantee the protection of consumers, as well as support the development and activities of members, through the certification of products. The activity of the consortium is carried out through the enhancement of the products under the brand name VERO LEGNO. VERO LEGNO is the only guarantee of authenticity of wood and wood products. The Consortium's first commitment is to properly inform the consumer about the characteristics of the wooden product he is about to buy. The VERO LEGNO brand is managed according to the "Trademark Regulations" deposited and recognized in all the countries of the European Union.

The Vero Legno brand promotes:

  1. the enhancement of products that contain "wood" as a characterizing material;
  2. consumer protection with the aim of guaranteeing a genuine wood product;
  3. the protection of producers in the sector from the competition of similar products but not in Vero Legno.
Logo ISO 9001

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certification represents a guarantee for all our customers and a company tool to constantly monitor the respect and effectiveness of the procedures, ensuring a greater orientation of all the functions towards the final result and a greater attention to the internal and external customer.

Since the beginning of its activity, Tucci has supplied wholesalers and dealers of high quality semi-finished wood lumber wholesale. TWE offers a wide variety of wooden profiles for doors and windows: skirting boards with elaborate or linear shapes, casings , clamps, glazing beads, jambs and strips. TWE customers use our profiles as a starting point for the finished product, with the aim of speeding up production times with the certainty of finishing a quality material. The breadth of our catalog is able to meet the multiple needs of door and window manufacturers, furniture and furnishings, public and commercial premises and companies.

Tailormade profiles

TWE realizza profili in legno su misura per serramentisti e aziende produttrici di finestre alluminio-legno e legno-alluminio. TWE produces custom wood profiles for window and door manufacturers and manufacturers of aluminum-wood and wood-aluminum windows. The "tailor-made" concept of the product envisages dimensional adaptation, research and the introduction of finishes not present in the series production, up to the total realization on the project, in constant dialogue with the client's designers. From the project to each phase of the realization, TWE provides its experience with the aim of providing the optimal solution. The profiles can be made on different wooden supports and covered in veneered or laminated wood in different finishes. To highlight the peculiarities of wood and to highlight its naturalness, TWE performs "open pore" finishes on natural essences. Before the transparent finish the surface is subjected to a "brushing" process that emphasizes the fiber of the essence. The finishes and colors available on natural woods are applied in such a way as not to alter the original characteristics of the wood essence.

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